In Our Business, a Flush Beats a Full House

Your Trusted Septic Tank and Grease Trap Cleaning Pros

Septic tanks and grease traps are important yet often neglected part of a home or a facility. They may get full and start malfunctioning when they are disregarded for a long time. That is why regular cleaning is a must. If you are looking for experts who can do this job for you, then turn to
L & D Septic Tanks and Grease Trap Cleaning.

Who We Are

Based in Palmer, TX, L & D Septic Tanks and Grease Trap Cleaning is a family-owned-and-operated company that cleaning Ellis County, TX and surrounding areas. Since our establishment in 2003, we have worked hard to provide exceptional service for every customer.


What We Do

We clean residential and commercial septic tanks as well as pump grease traps for restaurants and schools.
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Why Work With Us

Our team understands the importance of showing up on the agreed time for every assignment we handle. That is why we aim to be punctual all the time. A quick turnaround time is something we try to achieve as well. Best of all, we offer reasonable rates. You have our assurance that your money will be worth it.

Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.